Training Development & Capability Building @

Training Development & Capability Building @

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Let Your employees Roar In Market ! Be Enough Strong & Smart To Manage Lethal Market Competition On Their Own. Let every employee Be equivalent To CEO of His Domain.

Strategic  Capability Building One of Our Core Expertise. Let Our expert inject theirs decades micro strategic learning & observations  into you employees.Let we sharpen their strategic decision making and execution capabilities.A Unique training & employee development programmer which empower your employees practically which is never available in any best management institute.Because along with latest and updated concepts we develop practical implementation capability.


Recruitment : Specialized Recruitment consultancy For direct Payroll / Third Party Payroll or On Our Payroll. Junior To C X O Level On roll & Off-roll Recruitment services.,strategic training,employee development,capability building

Strategic Training & Development Levels

 C X O  & Top Mgt. level

Middle Mgt Level

 Junior Officer Level


(A) Strategic Capability Building

(B) Functional & Executional Capability Building

(C) Qualitative Capability Building : Lean Six Sigma etc.

We provide 360 degree Man Management Strategic Consulting so that unit productivity & Efficiency of every employee can be Improve.

To Achieve the above said task,our methodology & Approach is different & will be Clear With Following Example.

When question comes for true business leadership,most of time, it has been observed that some of best qualified & experienced managers, who were very carefully selected, are not able to deliver the task either in favorable or non favorable business ecosystem.  Managers may have high I.Q / E.Q / S.Q but again Business success depends on B.Q (our Specially developed micro technique).B.Q.-Business Quotient is factor which is responsible for success of business decision making process.A street vendor may have High B.Q. in comparison of best  CXO level MNC employee. This is factor why all the big MNC’s were founded by less educated person (i.e. with less I.Q but High B.Q) If You count, you will find that most of successful companies are founded and run by those person who were  professionally not qualified from reputed management schools.

When business decisions are not yielding results, organization resources get wastage, and at certain time organization do not have resources for further actions. This, we at”The Consultants” Call “Resource Drainage”the most important factors for failure .


Question come how to manage all these business contingencies ??? Answers comes from micro DYNAMICS of business & synchronization system.

For the same, we have developed highly advanced “micro Strategic Business Consultancy Services” to decide right action with adequate resource input (to check resource drainage) for business success optimizations in all business ecosystems within short span of time period.

We Understand that real brand ambassador of your company or brand is not the advertising  characters but it’ your employees.Hence our entire strategic consulting philosophy revolves around this  statement.Let your employees should be enough capable to win market war.

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