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Our Core strengths & expertise lies in “Strategic Business Genetics”. Our (micro) strategic approaches  brings the necessary changes in your business DNA to change the morphology of your business .And we do it with collective efforts of Business genetics engineers i.e. by our expert consultants.

We Believe, That to change Morphology,it is required to bring necessary changes on Building Block Level.

Today’s business environment is multidimensional and is affected by  various forces acting on different dimensions of Business. Several tangible & non tangible factors

makes the formation of complex micro business ecosystem.In such a complex & micro business ecosystem,deciding the accurate strategies is most challenging task.Because every strategy looks equally attractive.In such a dilemma,our strategising process are unique and systematic. Hence we develop the ever performing strategies as per current & Future business Dynamics.

Business ConsultantsbIn our eyes, strategies is not merely the series of action or business act /event. Strategies are specific process / processing of different quanta of acts to deliver the desired results in complex and uncertain environment.For our self strategies are tools to manage the uncertainty which may results in future.Hence when we talk about “Strategic” means we are talking about managing uncertainty so that probability of certainty may increase in your business.

Further as we discussed above,that today’s business environment is an example of complex one,hence only Strategic approach may not be delivering the required results,we are one step ahead i.e. micro strategic approach where we further penetrate the components  of strategies  on sub levels and results come as ” micro Strategies” a perfect strategy,strategy with high yielding, with better uncertainty/contingency management capabilities.That’s why we calls them ” Trump Cards Of Business world”

trump-cards-300x201Similarly,every business vertical /department  is unique and requires different strategical approach.Over all performance of organization depends on synchronizations and inter adaptability of  strategies of different vertical.It is important that strategies of different business vertical should be synced properly and when it happens a macro Strategic Sync emerged what we can call ” Strategic Pool”while deciding the combined strategies,we focus  that all vertical strategies should be able to easily merge with others one and should be supportive to each other.The technique what we used for the mega micro strategic formation process is is known as ” Synchronization Matrix” ,a management micro technique developed by us to form better sync and coordination.

We, at the consultants do carry the expertise to strategies your business to achieve goals with minimum investment of resources & assuring better efficiency.We develop such a strategic plan which not only is flexible by nature and grow your business but also safeguard your interest by competitors movements.They helps your business to check the “resource drainage”.

At the same time, as business consultant,we assit your business for effective and accurate implementation of strategies i.e. process implementation.We keep a strong vigil over entire process & it’s management and find the deviation at it’s early stage.

Not only this,while developing & implementing strategies & process,we formulate several other optional strategies so that your “Strategic Bow & Arrow” should be always ready to reply sudden changes in business environment created naturally or by your competitors.

To keep one step ahead we have developed several strategies which are unique by nature. like “Offensive defense Marketing strategies,Viral Marketing strategies,Synchronization matrix etc etc.


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